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One on One Personal Training


Janru Van Wyk

We are welcoming a new staff member to the team for all your personal training needs.

Janru Van Wyk is a trainer from South Africa. He has worked in gyms in South Africa and the Middle East with multiple populations.  His experience includes working with stay-at-home moms, retirees with co-morbidities, weekend warriors and professional CrossFit athletes.


Hello my name is Janru, I am passionate about helping people to achieve set goals and optimizing health.

I enjoy purpose driven fitness and coming up with attainable milestones to help you succeed.  Any skill, age and fitness level are welcome. 

I can help you with improving your technique, getting stronger, changing your body composition or losing weight.




CF - L2

Prehab 101

CrossFit Gymnastics

Pose Running Method


Janru has experience with Olympic Weightlifting and is well experienced with proper form and technique.

Client Packages and Pricing

New Client 30 min consult before 1st session. - Free


One-on-One training:


1 X 60min Session - $75

5 X Sessions - $360

10 X Sessions - $680

20 X Sessions - $1300


Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting - 4 Sessions - $275

Contact Information

Janru Van Wyk

(780) 881-1452

Email Janru Directly @

Or send us a message below to set up an appointment for you!