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Strongman Equipment

Axle Bars, Farmers Handles, Atlas Stones (from 115-440lb) with platform, Logs (35 lb, 72 lb, 160 lb 10" diameter, 160 lb 12" diameter), Tires (200 lb, 500 lb, 700 lb & 850lb), Circus Dumbells (45 lb loadable, 72 lb loadable, 110 lb loadable, 80 lb), Cerberus sanbags ( from 100-400 lb), Kegs (from 50-225 lb), Rogue Yoke, Runway for Sleds/Farmers carries/Yoke and implements for grip training

Powerlifting Equipment

ER rack, Strongarm Combination Rack, 307.5 kg of Strongarm calibrated plates, 100 kg of Ivanko calibrated plates, fractional plates, Bench Blox, powerlifting bars, deadlift jack, chains

Olympic Lifting Equipment

Olympic bars, bumper plates

Other Equipment

Over 1500 lb of steel plates, 2 squat/bench racks, 2 deadlift platforms, combination cable machines, 4 6" blocks, boxes (varying height), 2 sleds, trap bars, duffalo bar, transformer bar, dumbells (5-120 lb), flat benches, adjustable benches, Football/American press bar, EZ curl bar, Safety squat bar, T-bar row apparatus, reverse hyper, GHR, assorted bands, elliptical, spin bike, digital exercise bike, plate loadable shoulder press, plate loadable leg extension, back extension bench, assorted mobility and accessory equipment 

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